Radio Shows

Here are the most listened to radio shows

Weekend Edition – This is a series of radio news magazine shows created and broadcasted by the National Public Radio (NPR). This is the weekend companion for NPR’s Morning Edition radio show. It comes with Weekend Edition Saturday and Sunday, each broadcasted for 2 hours starting from 8 ’o’clock in the morning. Radio shows on economics and finance also have huge listeners. Investors are concentrating on new investment and trading options such as oil trading for profits. Automated trading can help oil traders to enjoy stress-free trading. Visit to find more details about auto trading platforms.

The Rush Limbaugh Show – It was a conventional talk radio programme presented by Rush Limbaugh. This show has managed to become the top-rated talk radio programme. At its peak period, the show has been broadcasted nationwide on above 650 radio stations.

The Steve Harvey Morning Show –   This programme is a nationwide radio show that is being broadcasted from Los Angeles. The nationally syndicated programme contains presenter Steve Harvey and a crew of entertainers and announcers. This radio progamme runs about 4 hours weekly.

The Sean Hannity Show –   It is a conventional live radio talk show presented by Sean Hannity. This programme is broadcasted from 3 pm daily. The programme is being recorded at WOR radio studio in New York City and broadcasted through ISDN from Sean Hannity’s home in Centre Island, New York.

The Mark Levin Show – This radio show is presented by Mark Levin. Talkers Magazine estimates that the show is aired nationwide on Westwood One and entices about 7 million listeners each week. Talkers estimates that the audience of Levin is linked to Glenn Beck Radio, which is the fourth most listened to radio show in the United States.

Scott Van Pelt Show – In this radio show, college football is being broadly discussed. This programme is broadcasted on ESPNEWS. The co-host at 11:00 pm was Scoot Van Pelt. The SportsCenter version of ESPN, which is co-sponsored by SVP & Russillo together with Ryen Russillo of ESPN Radio, presents several network golf competitions.

The Mike Gallagher Show – Mike Gallagher is a conventional political critic and presenter of radio programmes. The popular radio programme Mike Gallagher Show is presented by him. It is a nationwide syndicated radio show that is aired on the US Salem Radio Network. In addition to that, Mike Gallagher acts as a producer as well as guest presenter of the Fox News channel. Radio programs related to gambling are also available to offer the latest updates in the gambling industry. The popularity of online casinos is rising every day. Gamblers interested in online gambling may check the 카지노 사이트 목록 blog to find the best online casinos.

The Dan Patrick Show – This radio show is presented by Dan Patrick, who was once an anchor on the sports center of ESPN. It broadcasted every weekday in which Dan Patrick conducted interviews with the prominent esports personalities around the world in his trademark enthusiastic and mocking style. He also invites artists and politicians to the show at times, and he is famous for making fun bets with guests.

Glenn Lee Beck Show – He is a conventional political scientist, radio host, and television producer. He is a believer in a conspiracy theory. He owns and is the CEO and Chairman, of The Blaze. 

The Herd with Colin Cowherd –Another ESPN announcer, Colin Cowherd, usually has very enthusiastic followers or individuals on ESPNEWS from 10 to 1 EST.